Passamaquoddy Bay Treaty of 1910

282x455px_Campobello-Island282x455_ReserveMarker“Now, therefore, upon the evidence and arguments so presented, and after taking into consideration all actions, of the respective Governments and of their representatives authorized in that behalf and of the local governments on either side of the line, whether prior or subsequent to such treaties and award, tending to aid in the interpretation thereof, the High Contracting Parties hereby agree that the location of the international boundary line between the United States and the Dominion of Canada from a point in Passamaquoddy Bay accurately defined in the Treaty between Great Britain and the United States of April 11, 1908, as, lying between Treat Island and Friar Head, and extending thence through Passamaquoddy Bay and to, the middle of Grand Manan Channel, shall run in a series of seven connected straight lines for the distances and in the directions as follows….”

Shown: Reference Marker to International Boundary between Lubec, Maine, U.S. and Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

pictures taken by Don Dostie at 5:45 AM on May of 2011 in front of Colhill’s Inn at 7 Water Street in Lubec.